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We solve business problems, identify opportunities, refine product ideas and global strategies. Our strategic counsel and Innovation Workshops zoom out before we zoom in to build you mobile app.


Design comes first and always. As a creative agency, we dream up engaging, addictive user experiences. We make apps dynamic, tested, and pixel perfect. Beautifully simple, and simply beautiful


We think fast, and code even faster. Our mobile developers work in agile sprints. We build on any language (native or cross-platform), with any integrations/customizations you want.


Mobilean knows what it takes to capture attention and drive downloads. From launch to user acquisition, PR, app store optimization, enterprise adoption and more, we can help you stand out.


Leveraging the right app data is critical. We can build robust analytics platforms from the start. Uncover user trends. Optimize your mobile app. Build a product roadmap based on the right metrics.


Mobile app development is a marathon, not a sprint. Mobilean delivers a holistic approach to product management. We’ll help bring your product to life, then nurture and grow it.


We believe in not just building mobile apps that looks great, but designing experiences for the user. UI/UX design is one of the key elements that have the capability to be the reason of difference between user pleasure and user apprehension. By leveraging latest and updated technologies and crafting a fresh and creative mindset, we have delivered lots of cost effective and engaging UI designs. Our design-first, build-second approach enables us to deliver products that help in gaining traction. Our Mobile Interface Designs are accompanied by innovative ideas, new concepts, flexibility and simplicity.

  • Mockups and wireframes of the mobile app screens required for technical specifications.

  • Using latest tools and methodologies to create smart widget design and icons, graphic designs, mobile app UI by leveraging our exceptional concepts and ideas


Nimble team of talented developers for quick and low cost app development.

Mobile apps have become a need rather than a luxury. We are technology leaders in the space of mobile applications development. Mobilean Technologies started its journey in 2011, as a mobile application development company, and has helped wide range of organizations from Startups to Enterprises. In the process, we have acquired high degree of proficiency and competency in delivering profitable, user-centric & robust end-to-end enterprise technology solutions to our customers. Being one of the fastest growing digital companies in India, we strive to delight our client with the best, resilient& user centric mobile apps.

  • Our expertise lies in building IoT, Android, iOS, Hybrid applications supported by a strong cloud based backend infrastructure

  • The range of our multi-platform mobile apps services fit everyone, from large enterprises & government to small & medium businesses.

  • We have developed numerous mobile apps for different sectors such as healthcare, education, telecom and retail.


A comprehensive mobile app testing process gives customers the confidence that the app will function as intended on different devices with varying screen sizes, resolutions, internal hardware, operating systems and across telecom operator networks. A typical end-to-end mobile testing process, starts from creating test cases of the application, performing user acceptance and finally device testing stage. Our in-house mobility lab is a one-stop shop for worldwide mobile app testing. Reduce the challenges of testing your mobile app with our line-up of application testing strategies.

  • End To End Quality Assurance for Native, Hybrid & Mobile Web Applications.

  • Usability testing: Verify that your app performs the way users need it to and think it should.

  • Functional testing: Confirm the app works easily in real people’s hands.

  • Localization testing: Ensure your app is culturally appropriate around the globe.

  • Load testing: Validate that your app works no matter what.

  • Test automation: Sustain quality throughout the dev process.

  • Security Testing for Data Protection, File permission & Injections.


In addition to creating world class mobile apps, we host and manage the entire application lifecycle and back it up with High performance API infrastructure. Cloud is for Scale. Get your mobile application up and running on a platform that you choose. Build a reliable, high speed yet highly secure backend on enterprise, private or hybrid cloud for highly competent mobile applications.

  • Get high end risk-mitigation for your mobile application and stay protected against DDoS attacks and any other threats.

  • Avoid extra cost. Our proven Pay-per-use technology helps you save considerably, as you pay only for the resources you actually use

  • Manage dramatically increasing app usage on our massively scalable cloud, rapidly. Cleverly written APIs scale up your app performance, so that your business always stays up in the impulsive mobile world

  • A quick deploy, an instant upgrade and an endless monitoring is what your app gets with our Mobile App Hosting Service.

  • We Support in setting up Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Remote mobile app database hosting support for performance tuning and memory optimization.


Here are over 800,000 apps in iTunes today (and just as many in Google Play) to compete with.You are going to have to really grab the attention of the smartphone generation and get them to use your mobile app. The question is: once you create your app, how do you spread the word about it? our creative team has come up with something that will attract the general public and put your brand name in front of them. Whether you have a game, business, social, or other app, we have an app marketing plan that will guarantee results. .

  • Mobilean understands how the app store search engines work, how it related to traditional SEO, and will optimize your application to appear when customers are searching.

  • We’ve pushed apps to #1 in their app category, along with iTunes “What’s hot” section and more

  • Our social media and other digital campaigns drive downloads and awareness, and have gotten apps featured in Your Story, Mashable and Times.


Analytics can give you actionable insights into every aspect of your app. We build robust data platforms, then dig deep to get the most valuable insights. Mobile and analytics are going to remake what it means to be a company and change how organizations connect not just with consumers, but with employees and partners.

Your gut instinct, killer idea or business need inspired you to create your mobile app. But optimizing it requires data-driven mobile app development. Start by setting up an analytics platform that answers tons of questions. Do your users just visit pages then bounce off? Where and when? What truly engages them to stay longer? Where do they go, and what do they do? Who are these users, and how did you acquire them?

  • We help you test, measure, analyze and make business decisions backed by hard numbers.

  • Mobile data analytics gives you the right numbers to make the right decisions about your business model, product iterations, and ROI

  • Mobile Data Analytics provides dynamic correlated dashboards of the user activity that can easily be mapped to segments of the user community by a number of key combinations e.g. profile, activity, time, device type, category, enabling the marketing department to create insights and focused campaigns